Just a FEW of Secundus’s successful progeny include 

-Yorkshire Gent (Balcormo bred) who won in excess of £55,000 and was placed in three consecutive Hickstead -Derby’s, before being sold to America

The Grade A's 

-Tiger Lil’ (a gold medal winner in The Young Rider Home Internationals)

-McCoist (winner of the National Grade “C” at The Horse of the Year Show)

-Maybe This Time, winner of the Newcomers Championship at The Horse of the Year Show)

 The Grade A  stallions

-Edenside Rikki (winner of a Grand Prix on the Sunshine Tour)

-Edenside Asher (the top class J.A who represented G.B. in the Junior European Championships) 

-Ngauruhoe (winner of The Futurity and Braveheart Championships at the Spring Festival and The Six Bars -Championship at The King Of The Ring Finals)

-Ominous (won the Working Hunter Championship and also The 6yr. Old Jumping Championship at  Royal Highland in 2002 and The Grand Prix and Puissance in Guernsey in 2003)

-Here’s Jack (a big winner for Douglas Duffin, and recent Grand Prix winner at the King Of The Ring)

Advanced eventer, 

-Metalsome Viceroy, sold to Italy for £75.000, 

and many,  more! Also many, many more, waiting in the wings both in the U.K. and growing up in South Africa!!